Hello World!

April 11, 2006

Hello world indeed!
I’ve always wanted to learn a programming language and my aim is to be a fairly good programmer that not only writes code, but undertands the fundamentals which lie behind these codes. I’ve always supported more flexible and smart coding.
I started out my quest to being a programming guru with learning Visual Basic. I have learned a lot from the language, and managed to write a mini shoot’em up game where you tried to prevent green aliens from destroying the world. It was a great project for me and apart from learning advanced VB, I also had very useful insight on how a program works and how it should work for convenience.
I continued on with ASP, suddenly leaping to web development. Well, I though ASP was quite a stupid language so I only learned enough so that I would understand what is going on in the code, but could not write the same code if given only the instructions. Just like that phase when you can understand but not speak a new language you are learning. So I passed onto PHP.
I think I have managed to cover quite a lot in PHP, and now I am returning to the core of my dreams: coding a standalone program.
I want to say that I do not know any C++ and will start learning starting from tomorrow. I reckoned that people would be interested in how a newbie in C++ progresses. After each of my practice sessions (can’t guarantee consistency.. :( ) I will write down what I have learned and the importance of that particular knowledge. Maybe you’ll go along and learn with me, or maybe you’ll help me out with your comments when I’m stuck, which has a 99% chance of happening.
Well, I’m really looking forward to do this, so stumble along with me and we’ll see how it turns out.
My main sources when learning the language will be:
http://www.cplusplus.comwww.cprogramming.comC++ All-in-One Desk Reference for Dummies
I have decided it is best to first scan through the language to see its capabilities and go deeper level by level (just like rpg games) to details and theory. I will use the resources in the order I have listed above.
Well, lets see..


One Response to “Hello World!”

  1. Taylor Says:

    Hey cppnewb, I too want to be a programmer, so I decided to start in web design to build a programming foundation. After playing with html, css, and some java. I’ve decided i want to learn php… and advice on how and where you started?

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